Friends on Film

Friends on Film: Rachel Shoppy

From the shy little girl in my gym class to a smoking hot photographer, Rachel’s transformation into the funky and eccentric soul she is now has been pretty radical to watch. The proud mother of many succulents, cameras, and funky outfits came out from behind the camera for me a couple times this summer, and with that bleached hair and glittery eyeliner, I really think she should do it more often.


Atop a parking garage on a sweltering Arkansas night. But the summer sunset light sure does become you.


Pretty pink aura


From the bathroom of Old High Middle School to fancy museum bathrooms. Adulthood is truly glamorous, kids.


You are one radiant little beam, Rachel. Keep Siloam Springs sparkling.

Rachel’s bomb insta – @at.las

Thanks for checking out my first installment of my “Friends on Film” series. Many more to come- hopefully 2 Friday’s a month. We will see. My friends are too beautiful to keep hidden.





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